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Industrial grade Solid-State Storage

SolidGear provides high reliable, long life time flash memory storage for industrial usage and technical support.

We have variety of line up to meet your requirements such like use for OS Boot or Data transfer, type of fixed device or removable, and operating temperature of standard or industrial. Customization to achieve compatibility with an existing systems is also available. Please call us for details.

SolidGear's storage has two solutions; one is with SLC (Single Level Cell) NAND flash memory for higher reliability and endurance, the other is with MLC (Multiple Level Cell) NAND flash memory for higher cost performance for cost sensitive applications.

We provide low capacity cards from 128Mbyte which are no longer available in retail market. SolidGear has won its customers' reputation in technical support at presales and post sales.

(*) Please note that there are cases we may not accept requests.

Industrial Grade SD Card
  • SolidGear's industrial grade SD Card is dedicatedly designed and manufactured for industrial applications which require different features than consumer applications such like DSC and DVC.
  • SolidGear provides SLC (Single Level Cell) products suitable for applications that need higher endurance and/or quality, as well as MLC( Multiple Level Cell) products with fixed BOM (Bill of Material) as high cost vs. performance solution for cost sensitive applications.
  • SolidGear' products maintain tractability and are tested 100$ before shipment.
  • SolidGear is an executive member of SD Card Association (SDA) and a licensee of HALA (Host and Ancillary License Agreement) and CLA(Card License Agreement). SolidGear is also a licensee of 4C Entity LLC as adaptor of CPRM (Copy Protection for Recordable Media) SD Card Media license and Product license.
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microSD card for enterprise OEM and industrial market
  • SolidGear provides high quality microSD cards for enterprise and industrial market. SolidGear's products maintain traceability and are 100% tested before shipment, which gives a customer confidence on the products. Line up includes SLC NAND flash memory products and extended temperature products.
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2.5” SSD(Solid State Drive)

2.5” SSD with SATA II interface made with SLC NAND Flash memory for enterprise and industrial market.

Western Digital SiliconDrive A100 Series
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Space saving SSD suitable for embedded applications.

  • Slim SATA (MO297)
  • Western Digital SiliconDrive A100 Series

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CompactFlash is one of the most popular memory cards used in industrial market. CompactFlash has suitable features for industrial applications such like industrial standard interface, PATA (IDE mode) and PCMICA mode, two peace connector that gives CompactFlash ruggedness for shock and vibration.

  • SolidGear is an executive and Board member of CFA.

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CFAST is a standard adopted by CompactFlash Association (CFA) which has SATA interface.

Western Digital SiliconDrive A100 Series
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Western Digital HDD

SolidGear is an official distributor of Western Digital Japan. Its sales region is Japan only.

Please call us for Western Digital's HDD.
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XQD Memory Card

XQD Memory Card is the latest memory card standard adopted by Compact Flash Association (CFA) on December 2011. XQD Memory Card is the next generation memory card with feature of high speed data transfer more than 1Gps (=125MB/s).

SolidGear help you support XQD Memory card in your systems.
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XQD Memory Card

Content Preload Memory card

microSD / SD Cards

SolidGear offers a range of OEM MicroSD and SD cards, and caters for a wide variety of customer needs in OEM.

  • Card capacity : 128 MB to 16 GB
  • Custom marking
  • Custom marking
  • Integration of controller and flash memory
  • Preloading of content
  • Other

We also stock the products of ATP Electronics, a renowned manufacturer of high-quality and high-performance industrial SD cards.
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Chroma SG3280

SolidGear has developed "Chroma SG3280", a fully automatic MicroSD card writer geared for mass production in a joint venture with Chroma ATE, a leading electric tester and measuring instrument manufacturer.

High-speed data writing
Chroma SG3280 allows for short-deadline production, writing 1 GB of data to 10,000 MicroSD cards per day (16 hours) by simultaneously processing an entire tray (holding 120 cards) per data write process.
CPRM encryption support
Chroma SG3280 supports CPRM (Content Protection for Recordable Media) and writing of content to SD cards in the 1-SEG video (SD Video ISDB T-mobile) format.
Fully automatic sorting
Chroma SG3280 is not only capable of fully automatic data write operation but also carries out the DC test (open/short) and data verify operations simultaneously. If an error occurs during the data write operation, Chroma SG3280 automatically ejects any defective SD card(s), preventing a mixture of defective and normal cards.
"SG SD Video Studio" authoring tool
Our self-developed 1-SEG video authoring tool, "SG SD Video Studio" is used to convert and encrypt video data in uncompressed AVI format into SD Video format. The tool is compatible with 160 mobile phone models and outputs data in the Chroma SG3280 master data format, facilitating a smooth transition to mass production.


MicroSD Custom Marking

In the case of packaged media, the MicroSD card media is not the product but the content stored on it. However, the markings on the MicroSD card surface (i.e. logo printing) are also an important element of appeal to the targeted audience. SolidGear provides custom markings, such as brand name, content title and control number, on MicroSD cards. Graphic symbol markings are also supported. You can provide your own design or we can design one based on your ideas and needs.

All markings on MicroSD cards must adhere to the conditions set by SDA.

MicroSD Custom Marking

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Flash Memory Tester

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CPRM supported Multi Media Player Solid Play

Easy to play Movies, Pictures, Music on HDTV

  • With CPRM security supported, Movie protected by CPRM can be also enjoyed.
  • Your pictures taken by a DSC can be shown on big screen on TV.
  • You can also listen Music by using TV.

Easy to use, rugged design and quick boot after power on are king for kid and elder people.

Output HDMI, Component, Composite
TV Out PAL 50Hz NTSC 60Hz
Format Divx,XVID,MJPEG,RealAudio,MPEG1/2/4,WMA,mp3,PCM,RealAudio,JPEG,BMP,GIF,TIFF
Power 5V DC
Weight 10g
Size W104xD70xH24mm
Package List HDMI cable ACAdaptor Remote controller

sd card player solid Play

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Memory Card Applicants OEM/ODM

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Technical Support & Consultation

A host tester is a verification tester designed for software developers and QA engineers of memory card compatible devices. It can mainly be used for verifying the card access firmware of the host device in accordance with the test specification.
The test program built into the application software analyzes the bus communication between the host and memory card and judges whether or not the access conforms to the specification. It provides significant reduction of verification test and debugging times, compared to analyses performed using a conventional logic analyzer.

A card tester is a verification tester designed for card developers and QA engineers. A card tester can measure card performance. A user can issue any SD command with any sequence by using access library to check error handling.

SD Host Tester / SD/eMMC Analyzer / SD Card Tester

SGDK330B (SD/eMMC Analyzer)
SGDK330B has SD Analyzer and eMMC Analyzer Functions. SGDK330B supports SDR104 and eMMC HS400(ver5.1).

SGDK330A (SD/eMMC Analyzer)
SGDK330A has SD Analyzer and eMMC Analyzer Functions. SGDK330A supports SDR104 and eMMC ver4.51.

SGDK320A (SD Host Tester)
SGDK320A has SD Emulator, SD Host Tester, SD Analyzer and eMMC Analyzer functions. This product is designed for Host product compliant to "SD Memory Card Physical Layer Specification Version 3.01" standard. This product covers the test contents of Test Specification Version 3.00 and Supplement Note. This product supports SDR104 and eMMC ver4.51 (Analyzer).

SGDK400 (UHS-II Analyzer)
SGDK400 is Analyzer for UHS-II Analyzer protocol.

SGDK320A/330A/400 support page is here. Please contact us if you want to access this page.

SGDK350(SD Card Tester)
"SD Memory Card Physical Layer Specification Version 3.01" standard, and the UHS-I interface(SDR12,25,50,104,DDR50). Application software can measure Speed Class from 2 to 10 for SDSD, SDHC and SDXC. It has also function of general measuring performance(sequential and random access). Accessing library to issue any SD Command with any sequence is provided.

MicroSD card Bus Extender

Bus Extender is a bus extension device for observing the waveform of the bus signals between MicroSD card compatible devices (such as mobile terminals) and the MicroSD card using a logic analyzer.

Standard SD card
MicroSD card Bus Extender
Standard SD card (TYPE A) MicroSD card (TYPE B)

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