SD/eMMC Verification Tester
  • Industrial grade Solid-State Storage
  • Western Digital HDD
  • XQD Memory Card
  • Content Preload Memory card
  • SD/eMMC Verification Tester
  • Flash Memory Tester
  • CPRM supported Multi Media Player Solid Play
  • Memory Card Applicants OEM/ODM
  • Technical Support & Consultation
CPRM supported Multi Media Player Solid Play
SolidPlay promotion movie

Easy to play Movies, Pictures, Music on HDTV

  • With CPRM security supported, Movie protected by CPRM can be also enjoyed.
  • Your pictures taken by a DSC can be shown on big screen on TV.
  • You can also listen Music by using TV.

Easy to use, rugged design and quick boot after power on are kind for kids and elder people. Rugged design by only used solid-state devices and low power consumption of Solid Play are also suitable for High Definition bulletin board for professional use.

  • Began offering technology for mass production of (1-SEG) video cards for mobile terminals